Two Lovers are stricken with a terrible curse. But soon shall come a night without day... a day without night... and an opportunity to break the curseโ€ฆ FOREVER.ย ย 

A romantic fantasy TTRPG by Michael Duxbury, inspired by Ladyhawke and other 1980s fantasy movies.

Super Cool Monster Hunting Club

You're a Kid with an overactive imagination, or so they say. But you know the truth - that monsters lurk in every shadow. Arming yourself with things you find around the house, you step out into the darkness for the fight of your life.

A dress up TTRPG by Grant Howitt.

Crash Pandas

You are a bunch of raccoons, trying to drive the same car, in the insane world of illegal LA street racing. What could go wrong?

A fast and furrious TTRPG by Grant Howitt.

Honey Heist

HoneyCON is here. You are going to undertake the greatest heist the world has ever seen.
Two Things โ€“ One: You have a complex plan that requires precise timing. Two: You are GODDAMN BEARS.
A groargerous TTRPG by Grant Howitt.

The Witch is Dead (Italian)

Once upon a time, a kind witch lived in the woods with her animal companions. But now she has been murdered by a cruel witch-hunter!
It's up to you cute woodland critters to avenge her and try to bring her back to life!
A murderous TTRPG by Grant Howitt.


In Heartswood you will play one facet of the personality of a broken-hearted woman.
Together, you will descend into the ruins of her consciousness to take back her heart.

A body-horror TTRPG by Grant Howitt, illustrated by Sarah Gordon.

Sexy Battle Wizards (Italian)

In Sexy Battle Wizards you will play the sexy members of the magical College Errant.ย 

Together, you will try to solve arcane mysteries with no authority, lots of glamour, and some collateral damage.
A sexy TTRPG by Grant Howitt.

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