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You are a Scottish Hebridean sheep.

You are all black and you have two sets of horns.

You look fearsome and badass.

You are Baaphomet!

And you just found out that you have demonic powers!

How will you use your powers?

Will you destroy your unworthy enemies?

Will you malignantly stare at the masses?

Will you wreak havoc on the world?

Only you can answer. Or well, the Demons inside of you.


Inspired by a deep love of folklore, Folk is a rules-light collaborative role-playing game for one Lore Master and 3-4 Lore Seekers (players). Dive into legends and traditions rooted in your land or explore distant places!


"Campus Fear!" is a 1-page TTRPG set in your favorite college campus, where something spooky or strange happens.
Will you dare to investigate?