About us

Hi everybody! We are CampfireRPG (a.k.a. Alessandro, Camilla, and Silvia), a small company focused on translating and creating tabletop role-playing games (ttrpgs).

We translate (English to Italian) indie ttrpgs that we have played and loved, and we create our own ttrpg projects, ranging from 1-page games to more articulated systems and settings. We are also available for professional on-demand translations (English to Italian and Italian to English) as well as editing in English or Italian.

Once Upon a Time…

We met playing ttrpgs together on the online Italian Discord server Blood Manor Games. We immediately realized that we shared a common strong interest in finding, trying, and promoting indie and lesser-known ttrpgs. We also noticed that several indie games that we loved were not translated into Italian - so we started translating them.

And then we started writing our own games, too.

So now here we are - CampfireRPG, your one-stop shop for indie ttrpgs.

Don’t play with fire! Play with CampfireRPG!


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